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My name is Amy Sinton. I am a personal life and business coach. I am honored to be on the list of „Top 10 Executive Coaches of 2022” & „ Top 20 Life Coaches To Look Out For In 2022” by NYC Journal. I am passionate about supporting people in reaching their goals & improving in their chosen topic areas. I wish for people to be able to have a better career, & quality of life thanks to coaching. My clients become more self-aware & confident. The aim of coaching is often to support the clients in reaching their maximum potential in terms of career for example. I support people in becoming even more successful in their careers. I empower my clients, work on creating a resilient mindset, & have a meta-cognitive look at their way of thinking & dealing with overcoming challenges as well as conflicts to improve the process and outcome.

I earned my coaching certifications at CoachWise Academy more than two years ago in Poland - it is one of the first coaching schools in Poland with a very structured & renowned methodology in terms of coaching. I am a graduate of Harvard Business School Online.

I work worldwide through online platforms such as Zoom and Google Meets. I have coaching sessions with people from various continents. I am multilingual. I speak English, Polish & Russian languages fluently. I have lived in many countries & have a large experience in multicultural environments. I am a business trainer also, as well as a public speaker. I do speeches on such topics as empowerment, women's health, & achieving goals. I have my own YouTube on multicultural coaching for career & self-development. I have been in a multitude of publications from Forbes People, The NYC Journal, HuffMag, Her Forward, GlobeStats, etc, as well as podcasts and videos for various people as well as the channel that I created in 2022 with more than 100 videos already on the topics of self-development, goal achieving, business & personal life coaching. I am grateful to be among the “Women Leaders To Look Up to in 2023” by Passion Vista.


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Harvard Business School Online Certification

What does a session look?

  1. We meet online at the the booked time slot. Greeting.
  2. You tell me what is your choice of topic for the session. I would like you to tell me what the goal of your session is (generally: is it a private life goal or a professional goal) & what exactly do you want me to work with you on achieving in our conversation).
  3. Then I will I support you in conversation with a certified method to follow a structured process to achieve success in your goal topic of choice.
  4. At the end of our session I will ask you if you think we have achieved the goal of your session for today.
  5. We can schedule the next session if you would like.
  6. Completion of the our coaching session for the day.
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Frequently asked questions

What is coaching?

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Coaching is an interactive development process through methods related to psychology, that supports the way a person makes decisions necessary in order to achieve different types of goals.

This helps individuals and organizations to accelerate the pace of action to achieve a specific goal or multiple goals.

What do I do as a coach? What can I help you with?

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Have a conversation with a clients in order to support them in discussion to (for example):

  • figure out to how you want to achieve your goals
  • overcome obstacels & set backs
  • support your vision & how to get it to being a reality
  • to find your own internal strengths & talents
  • to get rid of limiting beliefs if you want to work on that
  • maximize your work potential
  • strengthen teams
  • improve communication & coworking dynamics
  • resolving conflicts in personal or professional relationships
  • empower you to have more confidence necessary to achieve your goals
  • support you in planning how to set up your own business
  • change your job to what you want it to be
  • go from being a stay at home parent to also working for the first time or also getting back into their career
  • make important career decisions
  • get rid of bad habits
  • introduce more good habits into your life so you can have a better lifestyle as a result.
  • etc.

What type of coaching do I offer?

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Personal life & business coaching. This includes corporate coaching, executive coaching, & coaching small groups of people or individuals.

Where do I offer sessions?

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Mostly online, I use various platforms such as Zoom, Google Meets, etc. We can decide something together that will suit you.

Stationary meetings are also possible, such as corporate coaching in Warsaw.


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  • 180 EUROS coaching online 60 minutes.
  • 250 EUROS coaching online 90 minutes.

Payment via bank transfer (preferred) or in cash.


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Coaching session

Coaching - 60 minutes

180 EUROS / Session

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Coaching - 90 minutes

250 EUROS / Session

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Open hours

Monday - Friday: 09:00 - 22:00 (CET)

Saturday - Sunday: Closed


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